NATURH was established 2010

by a group of passionate, and business professionals with the primary goal of creating the world’s best method for diffusing natural, pure, essential oil.

About Us

NATURH was established in 2010 by a team of business professionals, passionate about their vision and their primary objective of creating the world’s best method for diffusing natural, pure, essential oil.

NATURH is dedicated to developing and promoting the safest, beautiful and most effective, instrument for disseminating, applying and enjoying the wonderful aromas and true health benefits found deep within pure essential oils.

Naturh - Reconnect to Nature

What Happens When We Reconnect with Nature?

At this time that we are faced with utmost human challenges caused by the existence of unseen enemies such as the virus, or the physical and mental instability caused by the changing times, it is very important for us to reset, to return to the basics, to reconnect ourselves with nature.

A lot of studies are being done to discover many more different ways for nature to benefit our well-being, health, and even relationship with ourselves and other people.

Earth Connections with Essential Oils

Why is it so hard to feel balanced, centred and connected all the time?

With everything that is happening around us and keeping up with every day to-dos, it is difficult to feel rooted, connected and balanced with the natural rhythms of the earth. This can make us feel emotionally vulnerable and easily thrown off balance by any negative energy surrounding us. Our sensitive and empathetic nature, makes us more prone to picking up the emotions and energy in our environment, which can make it very difficult for us to stay rooted.

When we are balanced and grounded, we are like a tall, strong tree with roots buried deep into the soil underground. The wind may blow away the leaves, but the tree is still grounded and balanced because of its strong roots. No matter what is happening around us, it is important that we remain rooted and balanced, just like the tree.

When we are feeling out of sync, we can use aromatherapy as a powerful solution to ground ourselves. Using essential oils can help us emotionally and physically connect with the present moment, regardless of our surroundings. It will help us find balance mentally, spiritually, and energetically. Specifically, the essential oils that are distilled from the wood. Just as the tree trunk is the core support and provides water and nutrients to the leaves and flowers, the oils extracted from the wood can also provide us with the same support.

By using these essential oils, we are working with nature, returning to centre, and using the energy of the Earth to support us. It helps by conducting our energy and providing us with spiritual and emotional balance. This gives us a sense of connection and oneness to our Earth, as well as within ourselves and our relationships.

NATURH was founded on the principles of hard work, innovation and the genuine care for the well-being of our customers.

We seek to offer the best, most high-quality products and support them with great after-sales customer service. We practice strict quality control methods and employ comprehensive testing procedures on both our diffusers and our essential oils in order to guarantee a top-notch customer experience.

NATURH recognizes the need for integrity, consistency and honesty in everything we do and is committed to going the extra mile to make people happy and satisfied. We possess a corporate culture steeped in strong business ethics, ongoing improvement and the undying desire to help improve the life of others in a significant, important and sustained way. NATURH is doing good business for everyone and for the long term. A tireless pursuit of excellence, conscience and always doing the right thing is what our company is all about.


NATURH’s team is comprised of professional, trained, skilled, hardworking and honest individuals.

We focus on working and creating small and personalized batches of Aromatherapy products. You can be assured that each batch is delicately made to meet highest quality standards.

We embrace the research and science behind the benefits of essential oils, spending many hours of learning to bring you the latest information and product knowledge.

We are dedicated to helping our clients understand how to safely and effectively use essential oils.

We believe that Aromatherapy is a beautiful and purposeful way to foster health naturally- physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Together, we are a team committed to YOU — our valued customers, and we are here to support you on your journey to healthy living.


NATURH advocates to provide our valued customers with natural aromatherapy products, making use of only the purest essential oils that are safe to use for everyone.


NATURH envisions a natural, holistic connection of the mind, body, and spirit through our aromatherapy products and trusted partnerships. Our genuine desire and aspiration is for everyone to enjoy a wonderful and beautiful life.

Our Core Values

We are passionate about being able to provide our customers with the very best products, to learn and share our knowledge and inspire people to be aware and healthier.

We work hand in hand to deliver integrity, safety and excellence in everything we do – in our customer service, in our workplace, and a must in making our product. We strive to give better opportunities and growth for our workforce thru constant trainings that we provide.

Being ethical and professional in all aspects of our business is a priority for us, be it in how we work, how we deal with and treat others or in the goods we purchase.

We want to empower not only our staff but all of our customers to have the ability to create something truly special for themselves, their business, family and friends.

From developing new processes to creating new products, innovation is central to how we work and grow on a daily basis.

Total wellness by creating all-natural products is at the heart of what we do.

Quality / Purity / Safety

NATURH invites you to discover the world of essential oils. We believe that aromatherapy is a beautiful and intentional way to naturally support your health — emotionally, physically and spiritually. NATURH’s all natural aromatherapy blends, and products use essential oils that are high-quality, therapeutic, and 100% PURE.