Sweet Dream


Sweet Dream Body Oil
Safe and natural sleep initiation without the side effects that caused by sleeping pills. Essential oils can induce the feeling of stillness and calmness. It helps to stimulates the sleeping mood, relax the mind, slowing down the brain activity. It helps to make you fall asleep easily and sleep soundly.
People who need:
1. Hard to go to sleep
2. still feel tired after waking up
3. Poor sleep quality
4. wake up early and cannot go back to sleep.
5. find it hard to nap during the day even though you’re tired.
6. feel tired and irritable during the day.
– Chamomile Roman – fight insomnia
– Sandalwood – reduces stress & hypertension
– Lavender – calming
– Neroli – soothing agitated nerves
External Use Only.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Keep out of reach of children.
Shower or tub may become slippery.
Discontinue use if skin irritation develops, test for allergic reaction before use.
Please place at a cool dry place, avoid heat and direct sunlight.

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