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This special oil blend helps to address common sex activity problems caused by being frigid. These are clinically recognized issues by sex therapists, such as the inability to experience a sexual response of any kind; the ability to achieve sexual arousal with great difficulty (hyposexuality); and the inability to achieve orgasm (anorgasmia).

People who suffer from an inability to experience any sexual response as triggered by any or all of the following causes:

  1. Emotional conflicts outside the sexual relationship
  2. Anxiety and other mental issues
  3. Other causes of stress and discontent within the relationship
  4. Lack of sexual desire

Contents and Benefits:

  1. Bergamot – helps reverse negative mood swings to prevent anxiety and depression. A relaxed mind enhances sexual desires.
  2. Sweet orange – Creates positive ambiance
  3. Geranium – Helps release stress to diminish negative feelings
  4. Patchouli – Has sedative and calming properties that promotes relaxation
  5. Cinnamon Bark – Gives calming and invigorating effects on the mind, and reduces nervous tension that causes premature ejaculation
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