Ringworm Blend Essential Oil

Ringworm is highly contagious; it’s has become common society, it will spread by human contacts, essential oil therapy helps to strengthen the body’s immune system so that our body can fight off bacteria.

People who need:
1. Bacterial infections – Live in a warm climate
2. Fungus
3. Share clothing, bedding or towels with someone who has a fungal infection
4. Close contact with an infected person or animal
5. Participate in sports that feature skin-to-skin contact, such as wrestling
6. Weak immune system

– Tea Tree – fight bacterial, fungal & viral infections
– Patchouli – loosen the look of scars or mark on the skin
– Geranium – promoting beautiful & radiant skin
– Frankincense – Astringent and Kill Harmful Germs and Bacteria
– Peppermint – relieve itchiness

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