RefreshingBlend Essential Oil

When you are feeling drowsy and lack of energy, use it and it will make you feel fresh, energize and revitalized. The citrus synergies will refresh and awaken your senses.

People who need:
1. Low energy due to sleepless night
2. Work stress
3. lack of motivation
4. decline in productivity
5. difficulty concentrating
6. chronic tiredness or sleepiness
7. headache
8. dizziness
9. Slowed reflexes and responses
10. Impaired decision-making and judgement
11. Moodiness, such as irritability

– Grapefruit – uplifting, soothing and clarifying
– Bergamot – promote cheerfulness & feelings of freshness
– Lemon – Feeling energized.
– Rosewood – feelings of happiness and strength, calm the mind

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