Purifying Blend Essential Oil

Known for their cleansing, purifying, and protecting properties. This special blend is a household must-have as it can eliminate odors in a natural way, free of harmful chemicals. It can also be used as a cleaner for countertops and various surfaces. When used throughout the home, its light, herbal aroma will quickly dissipate potent and foul odors and help cleanse the air. Purify also contains protecting properties that can protect against environmental threats. Houses with pet needs for dispel the unwanted smell especially for pet lover house.

People who need:
1. Bad air environment
2. Natural deodorant
3. Mentally purifying
4. Soul purifying
5. Environment full of bacterial or virus
6. Pet at home
7. Dispel unwanted cooking smell

– Eucalyptus – antibacterial
– Bergamot – feeling calm, confident & at peace
– Chamomile Roman – creating a peaceful environment
– Tangerine – refreshing
– Sweet Orange – Boosts Brain Function

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