Provence Blend Essential Oil

Let you have the feeling of hovering in the garden, bursts of floral environment make you full of happiness, mind & soul relief and sweet, It’s suitable to use at all times, use at night in the room can promote the use of couples feelings.

People who need:
1. Love floral scent
2. Boost mood
3. Create harmony environment to family & couples
4. Positive emotional feelings
5. Brings instant happy & joyful feeling
6. Delighted and incredibly grateful
7. Simple way to improve emotional health
8. Giving you a sense of peace can calm

– Lavender – calming
– Lavandin – relaxing
– Ylang Ylang – mood enhancer
– Rose – anti aging & boots libido
– Geranium – stress relief
– Jasmine – increase alertness & energy levels
– Osmanthus – uplifting inspiring feels of happies & joy

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