Protect Blend Essential Oil

Effectively supports immune and respiratory system when applied topically. When used on a diffuser, PROTECT helps purify the air and create a positive aroma that’s warm and soothing. PROTECT energizes and uplifts our mind and keeps our body healthy and full of energy all day.

People who need:
1. Need maintain & boost healthy immune function
2. Cleaning the stuffiness in the room
3. Need an effective all-purpose surface cleaner
4. Need to protects against environmental and seasonal threats

– Clove Bud – high antioxidant
– Cinnamon Bud – antibacterial & disinfects
– Cardamon Seed – anti-inflammatory, antioxidant
– Eucalyptus – improves respiratory conditions
– Rosemary – improves circulation
– Sweet Basil – fighting bacterial, infection & free radical damage

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