Integumentary Roll On 10ml


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Use it as a daily skin care to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin. Gently moisturizes the skin and slow down aging, lighten fine lines and wrinkles and help to treat minor skin problems.

People who need:
1. Sun spots, also called age spots and liver spots, are flat spots on your skin
2. Top layers of your skin become thinner and contain fewer structuring proteins, such as collagen
3. Inflammation or hyperpigmentation along chest area
4. Dry or itchy skin (xerosis cutis) may happen more frequently). That’s because thinning skin is more susceptible to dehydration.
5. With less collagen in the skin, it’s easier for visible wrinkles and sagging to occur.

– Sandalwood – reduce damage caused by free radicals, which promote aging, lighten wrinkles
– Frankincense – anti aging- ease fine line
– Geranium – brighten face completion

Way to use Roll-On:

  1. Bottom of the Feet
  • With larger pores, our feet can more easily absorb essential oils through the skin and release the benefits of the oils into our bloodstream. This means that we can experience the effects of essential oils faster.
  1. Behind the Ears
  • mastoid pressure point is located behind the ear, and this pressure point can help us experience greater relief from pain, inflammation, and swelling. So, by applying essential oils that offer those same benefits, we may be able to experience greater results.
  1. On the Temples
  • Our temples, located on the side of the head between the forehead and ear, are areas of the body that most people turn to for headache and migraine relief. But instead of just massaging our temples to get rid of a headache, try applying with essential oil roll-on. Our temples are a pulse point, which means that there are blood vessels (or in the case of your temples, the temporal artery). As a result, essential oils can get into our bloodstream faster, allowing us to experience quicker results.
  1. On the Wrists
  • The inner wrist is another common location to apply roll-on essential oils, and the reason for that is because the wrist is another pulse point. Your radial artery runs along the inside of your wrist, which makes it easy for your body to absorb essential oils into the bloodstream.
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