Immune System


Immune system Blend Essential Oil

The immune system is to protect our body from bacteria, viruses, and bacteria. Essential oil will be absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream and function as a defense which makes it physically difficult for bacteria, virus, or fungus to penetrate into the body and killing any skin bacteria on the way. Sweat, sebum, and mucous membranes all have a pH balance and some white blood cells to discourage and cleanse bacteria from entering internal passageways.

People who need:
1. Your stress level is Sky-High
2. You always have a cold
3. You have lots of tummy troubles
4. Your wounds are slow to heal
5. You have frequent infections
6. You feel tired all the time

– Sandalwood – decreasing inflammation, mental clarity & natural disinfectant
– Frankincense – anticancer effect
– Geranium – antiseptic & wound-healing, infection fighter, anti-inflammatory

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