Graceland 10ml


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Graceland:  Perfect Mood Inducer


This special oil blend helps uplift one’s spirit, induce solace and serenity, and gives a feeling of comfort at the end of a painful, sad, or simply uncontrollably bad day.

Can help people who suffer from:

  1. Failing business or career
  2. Experiencing a difficult time
  3. Troubled marriage
  4. Despondent family

Contents and Benefits:

  1. Geranium – Stress relief
  2. Rose Geranium – promotes a feeling of relaxation, emotional stability, and positivity
  3. Lavender Extra – boosts the feeling of deep relaxation and helps uplift the spirit
  4. Cypress – Creates energizing and refreshing influence on one’s mood while helping to keep the emotions stable
  5. Bergamot – helps reverse negative mood swings to prevent anxiety and depression
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