Detoxifying Blend Essential Oil

Technically-speaking, a toxin can be defined as any foreign substance that can cause a disease, unless you live in an antiseptic bubble, you literally cannot avoid them. Thankfully, God has gifted our bodies with an effective system to ward off much of the harm, but it is important to learn how to detox with essential oils and other natural remedies just in case. toxic overload is becoming an epidemic in our culture and we need to be made aware of the risks and how to prevent and treat them accordingly

People who need:
1. Body detoxifying – remove harmful chemicals from the body
2. Mentally exhaustion
3. Poor air environment
4. Remove smelly odours caused by pets
5. Remove toxin & harmful substance from body
6. To treat (an individual) for alcohol or drug intoxication

– Black Paper – promotes health circulation
– Lemon – purify the body
– Juniper Berry – anti-inflammatory & antioxidant
– Lemongrass – eliminate mental fatigue
– Spearmint – calming
– Peppermint – refreshing & increase energy
– Rosemary – increase circulation

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