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Body Slimming Blend Essential Oil

Work stress, diet and hormonal imbalance can cause obesity. Essential oils can help indigestion, detoxification, perspiration, chills, control appetite, accelerate circulation, improve metabolism, balance hormones to facilitate body slimming. Soak in bath or foot bath helps to speed up slimming process.

People who need:
1. On diet
2. Overweight
3. Hormone imbalance
4. High body mass index (BMI)
5. Unhealthy diet
6. Liquid calories
7. Inactivity – lack of exercise
8. After pregnancy
9. Put on weight after quitting smoking
10. Lack of sleep
11. Over food intake due to Stress
12. Previous attempts to lose weight in wrong methods

– Cypress – removes toxins and helps prevent fluid retention in the body
– Patchouli – lessen eating appetite
– Geranium – improve hormone balance
– Ginger – improve digestion & remove toxins from body
– Rosemary – improve circulation
– Juniper – body detox
– Grapefruit – helps to break down body fat and increase your metabolism & reduce body water retention

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