Bay Leaf 10ml


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Bay Leaf Laurus Nobilis

Product Description
Bay Laurel Leaf essential oil is derived from the Bay Laurel tree, which is also botanically known as Laurus nobilis. This herb has been around for centuries and utilized for both medicinal purposes, it’s comes from the laurel family, a family of evergreen trees and shrubs most commonly found in parts of Asia and America.

Primary Benefits
– Provides respiratory relief
– Regulates menstrual flow
– Pain reliever
– Supports digestive health
– Promote hair growth

Aromatherapy applications (Diffuse / Inhale)
– An expectorant as it is able to clear up excess phlegm and mucus lodged within your respiratory tracts, thus relieving congestion of the nasal passageway.
– Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Qualities
– Help those suffering with seizures and headaches
– Treatments for coughs and colds, bronchitis and chest infections,

Topical Application / Massage (With regular diluted use)
– Natural remedy for irregular and improper menstrual cycles
– Provide pain relief to muscular and joint problems associated with arthritis, rheumatism, gout or to sore, aching muscles after an intense workout session.
– Being antibacterial in nature to clean bacteria out from wounds, cuts, bruises or scrapes incurred.
– Helps to promote appetite in those who suffer from loss of appetite due to various reasons, such as stress or pressure from the demands of working life.

– Soothing to the skin, add a drop to your moisturizer in the evening.
– Place a couple drops in your morning shower to promote an aroma of confidence, clarity, and courage.
– Use for a soothing massage that is invigorating to the senses.
– Pair with Lemon essential oil; add a few drops of each to a spray bottle with water for a natural surface cleanser.

Direction for Use
Diffusion : use three to four drops in the diffuser of choice.
Topical use : dilute 3 drops in 10ml base oil and apply to desired area. Always dilute with base oil / carrier oil to minimize any skin sensitivity.

Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.
Pregnancy and breast-feeding: There aren’t enough reliable information to know if bay leaf is safe to use when pregnant or breast-feeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.

Aromatic Description
Herbal, minty, and refreshing

Collection Method
Steam distillation

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