Anti-Depression Blend Essential Oil

Promotes positive thinking and cheerful feelings, alleviate mood and energy and has a calming effect on emotions. It’s also lifts up spirit, dispel sluggishness and indecision and relieve depression.

People who need:
1. Emotional instability
2. Depressed mood
3. Negative energy
4. Persistent low mood and irritability
5. Loss of enjoyment of hobbies & activities
6. Appetite & weight changes
7. Sleep difficulties and low energy
8. Self-destructive behaviour and suicidal ideation
9. Nervousness, restlessness, or feeling tense
10. Feelings of danger, panic, or dread
11. Uncontrollable emotions

– Ylang Ylang – stave off depression and negative emotions
– Rose – mood-boosting abilities to help depression & anxiety
– Rosewood – relieve the sadness and disappointment
– Clary Sage – boosts confidence and mental strength
– Palmarosa – uplifts spirits and soothes the tired body, mind and soul
– Vetiver – boots energy levels when you’re exhausted

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