Anti-Depression Body Oil

Promotes positive thinking and cheerful feelings, alleviate mood and energy and has a calming effect on emotions. It’s also lifts up spirit, dispel sluggishness and indecision and relieve depression.
People who need:
1. Emotional instability
2. Depressed mood
3. Negative energy
4. Low spirit
5. Chronic stress

– Ylang Ylang – stave off depression and negative emotions
– Rose – mood-boosting abilities to help depression & anxiety
– Rosewood – relieve the sadness and disappointment
– Clary Sage – boosts confidence and mental strength
– Palmarosa – uplifts spirits and soothes the tired body, mind and soul
– Vetiver – boots energy levels when you’re exhausted

External Use Only.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Keep out of reach of children.
Shower or tub may become slippery.
Discontinue use if skin irritation develops, test for allergic reaction before use.
Please place at a cool dry place, avoid heat and direct sunlight.

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