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Aromatherapy work wonders on our body, mind, and soul. A few drops of essential oil in your diffuser are all it takes to induce calm and peace into your day instantly. However, would it not be better if you could get the same feeling wherever you are such as when at the grocery store, in traffic, or even at work?
The good news is that you can!
An essential oil necklace or aromatherapy necklace is one of the best ways to carry your essential oils with you wherever you may go. Being able to instantly access your favourite scents helps you overcome adversity or the scents that give your energy levels a boost is definitely a wonderful thing.

A diffuser/essential oil/aromatherapy necklace diffuser is a wearable, portable and fashionable way to enjoy all the benefits that essential oils have to offer without the need to visit the spa. It can be made of different materials with a unique design.

The essential oils are held within the necklace, which allows you to inhale the diffused scent when you wear it and even allows for some topical benefits too, but this will depend on the style of the necklace. A few drops of essential oil can last for a full day irrespective of where you are or what you are doing.